Top 8 Breakthrough Trends In ERP Implementation

erp implementation

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions have grown and developed their reach to sustain most business functions, from back-end processes like HR, procurement, accounting, and manufacturing to front-office functions such as marketing automation, salesforce automation (SFA), and eCommerce. Businesses rely on ERP to cut costs by reducing redundant processes, automating ordinary tasks, and providing employees access to important data to make quicker decisions.

As businesses increasingly rely on ERP to operate their businesses, these systems evolve to combine new technologies and establish a more extensive range of functions.

Here we will cover 8 significant trends to keep an eye on in the following years.

1. Cloud-based ERP

The selection of cloud-based systems has been on the rise. Whether it is CRM, Finance management, HR management or Asset Management, the companies are increasingly choosing cloud-based systems over the conventional options. Cloud is now a pivotal business driver for ERP systems. The companies evaluate their possibilities of deploying systems to cut down on infrastructure expenses to execute with ERP systems.

2.  Business Process Improvements

Analysis of core business processes, understanding how they’re interconnected, cost, performance, and contribution to the organization’s aims. The idea is to reduce the obstructions and create a system that can effectively achieve the desired results.

3. User-Driven Approach

A user-driven ERP approach involves iterative development and implementation of the system. The user gets to see the process, effectively use systems and recommend changes for the most reliable outcomes. The feedback from the users is an essential part of the execution stage. 

4. Mobility Support

Business applications today must be obtainable on mobile devices. The sales team, head executives and many other employees need a system that can be accessed and worked upon on the go. The mobility benefits the sales team to run the business more aggressively. The officials are also empowered with reliable data as and when they want to make critical business judgments. The mobility assistance in the ERP is a must-have feature now. 

5. Best in class technologies for promoting business functions

The ERP should be equipped and built with unique technological tools to drive transfixing results by operating a team remotely, contacting leads through high-level VOIP tools, or simplifying business asset management by RF tags and GPS approved systems. A generic program that is not up to date with the most advanced technology produces obstructions in a company’s way of working. The ERP needs to be up to date with the most modern progressions in technology and seamlessly make it convenient for the users.

6. Cognitive Analytics

The scenarios of businesses today are more complicated and challenging than how they used to be long back. Organizations go through a lot of trouble to show constant growth, keep up with rising customer expectations and emerge with varying dynamics. Systems that can interpret data, client behavioural patterns, and predict new business opportunities are very much in need. Data analytics is associated with business results. These practices can reveal hidden business opportunities and serve as platforms for a company’s growth.

7. Customer Service

With progressing competition and global business standards, the businesses are looking to assist their clients thoroughly with the help of ERP software. Improving the customer service and making it evident to the top officials with real-time reports is the essential demand from the ERP. ERP benefits in simplifying processes, enhance operations, and faster time to market to boast customer assistance for businesses.

8. Express Delivery model of the ERP software

Gone are the days when clients waited for years for implementing ERPs. Now they need quick and customized delivery for their ERP systems. The cloud-based ERP systems ensure that clients can get their business up and running within a few weeks. The custom functions can’t be interrupted due to long ERP implementations. The flexibility, timing of the implementation, and meeting business objectives is the core.

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