Does A Web Developer Need To Know UI UX Design? What Is The Difference?


If you’ve ever been engaged in the redesign of a website, you’ve probably heard the terms “UI design” and “UX design” before. However, did you realize that these concepts are not synonymous? Although UI and UX design are both included under “web design,” they are two distinct concepts that frequently overlap and even function together.

What’s the Difference?

A user interface, or UI for short, refers to anything a user interacts with on a website, an app, or any other digital device. Everything you do and view on a computer screen constitutes it (e.g., the buttons and other controls on a website or application) The visual elements of how a digital product appears and works, including icon placements, font and color selections, and even the usage of white space, are included in the user interface (UI). All of these elements can be found in a standard website design mock-up.

You don’t typically notice excellent UI. A well-designed user interface will make it easy and quick for users to engage with websites and mobile apps. On the other hand, if a user can’t gather how to obtain the data they’re seeking, the user interface (UI) may need updating.

User experience, abbreviated as UX, is precisely what it sounds like. It has to do with how a user feels about the product in general. This can apply to a company’s entire line of goods or services in addition to its website or application. A UX designer is responsible for the unseen labor that takes on behind the scenes. They conduct user research, work on a website’s or application’s strategy, and produce wireframes. The goal of UX is to make sure that the customer leaves feeling satisfied and assured that they have found solutions to whatever issues your product or service was intended to address.

How much UI and UX knowledge is required for web developers?

Web developers would gain a lot from learning the fundamental concepts and vocabulary of web design. Understanding the definitions of some UI and UX-related terminology and acronyms is useful. You’ll better understand why certain things are created the way they are if you comprehend what designers are referring to. As a result, teamwork and communication would be enhanced.

Another thing that would be very valuable for web developers is comprehending how to use the diverse tools that UI and UX designers use. Some of these design tools include InVision, Sketch, and Adobe products (such as Photoshop or Illustrator). These resources could save you and your designer a tonne of time if you have access to them and know how to use them. You don’t need to have back-and-forth dialogues asking for photos, colors, or fonts when you can simply open the design file and look those things out on your own. There’s no need to wait for the designer to reply when they have a moment.

Overall, understanding even a little bit about UI and UX design as a web developer can only be advantageous. Is it necessary? possibly not, However, it can’t harm. So why not pick up a few new skills? Asking a designer a few questions about a design or wireframe you’re working on could suffice. They’d probably be delighted to impart their knowledge to you, and you’d gain something new in return.

A user interface is like a joke. if you have to explain it, it’s not that good. 

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works. UX

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