ERP for Educational Institution

Need of ERP System in Education Industry

Educational institutions deserve best of modern management practices and state-of-the-art technology which improves performance in terms of cost, speed, and accuracy. In an educational institution, there is a huge data in terms of student information, staff information, academic records, various fees collections etc., and it is important that all departments should be inter-connected in terms of information flow to gather all information in a consolidated form. Management should access this information from a centralized place whenever required. With the traditional working approach, it is impossible to get this data in a quick time.

The impact of technology is rapidly growing in educational system also. This is the right time for educational institutes to switch to automation so that they can focus on the quality of education as well as on management. Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP), just by considering name we can simply define ERP as System or software that used to manage all the resources of whole enterprise. ERP implementation have been revolutionizing institutional management., helping institutions to improve their operations, thus making them manageable and more transparent Right from employee payments to single screw coming into the enterprise , everything can be managed & tracked by using ERP Systems.

Our Product Solutions

Rexo ERP for Education Industry

Rexo Educational ERP system provides an effective analysis of student data as well as other information so as to make the process of decision making effortless. All the users including, students, teachers, accountant, librarians and other staffs log into the same system. User Privileges are managed using access control methods. ERP software will help these educational institutes in many ways. The application will help to streamline all the processes including, administration, attendance, teacher management, inventory and facilities management, transport, generating reports like examination, mark sheets and it will also be very useful for managing the database of the students and coordinating with parents.

Rexo ERP software for educational institutes is a generic solution developed to address the automation of all the activities in an Educational Institution. The basic package manages academic details along with the information of students and staffs in the institution. It also contains time table, examination and attendance management. Depending on organizations required need components are integrated & customized College ERP system is formed. Rexo Educational ERP is a cross functional software that supports all the institutes including School, College, Universities and Training Institutes.

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Education ERP Modules

Student Admission

HR Staff and Payroll

Attendance Management

Batch Management

Examination Module

Finance and Accounts Management

Inventory and Store

Canteen / Mess Management

Library Management

Transport Management

Hostel Module

Training and Placement Module

Alumni Module

iCampus Portal with Mobile App

E-Learning - Content Management System

Education ERP Benefits

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Centralized Data Access

Automated Administration

Highly Secured System

Saves Management Workload

Quick Reporting & Analytics Features

Easy Implementation with Minimal Hardware

iCampus Module - Connects Management, Teachers, Parents and Student Together

Custom, Flexible and Scalable for all technology and education model updates

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