Trading ERP Software System

Need of ERP Software for Trading Company and Industries

Before introducing Rexo Trading ERP Software for trading company and industries, let's first see the need for a resource planning system in the industry. Today, trading industries are facing large competition. To compete they need to change with new industry trends and tactics and stay on delivering excellence in products. Customer requirements need to be served on time and make his trust in your products. As the system grows and the organization expands it's equally important for the sales team to create fruitful sales strategies. They have to achieve their milestones and stay on the growth path.

Your product production, packaging, and delivery should be on time to make your sales, management, and customer happy. Trading industries have multiple warehouses in different geographic regions. It’s important for them to develop and have complete visibility to management from the system. It is important to understand buying patterns and pricing needs to position your product profitably.


Powerful Solution to Empower Your Business with Growth

Rexo Trading ERP gives you a comprehensive platform with interconnected modules to combat this problem. It produces innovative strategies to stay ahead of the competition. This helps you to remain competitive in your market and reduce costs to your customers. Being a trader, it is necessary for you to have the right combination of tools and techniques in the system. Starting from receiving orders, planning to ship and delivering goods to the customers. Rexo ERP for Trading Company understands the complexity involves in the whole business operation. It offers you an effective, reliable and secure solution. It empowers your trading business with growth and success.

Our software fits all size of trading businesses and offers an end-to-end solution to control, organize and trade effectively. It keeps on track your inventory. It enhances production with proper procurement and planning strategies within built-in ERP system. The system continues capturing record and data logs about products, packaging, shipping, and delivery. Furthermore, these reports generated are shared with the sales and management team in a few clicks.

Our Product Solutions

Rexo Trading ERP Software

Techlene offers customized web-based Industrial ERP Software for Trading Company. We provide tailor-made solutions which can be easily implemented in any process, the production industry. Our Trading ERP Software for business has a chain of interconnected modules. It covers all operational and business application verticals of industries. For example, it covers production, manufacturing, inventory control, sales, marketing, dispatch, distribution, and services. The comprehensive range of modules, sub-modules, and reports helps users to manage and control all operations easily in quick time. Eventually, it increases the performance and growth of the organization. We have Trading ERP solutions for all industries including Process manufacturing industry, Food and Beverage Industry, Chemical, Medical, Plastics, Automotive Industry, Packaging, Logistics, Retail and Trading Industries.

Enterprise Resource Planning ERP integrates internal and external management information across an entire organization, embracing finance/accounting, sales, manufacturing, service, etc. They automate this activity with an integrated software application. Its purpose is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization. Also, it manages the connections to outside stakeholders. Rexo ERP for Trading Industry has an ability to plan, execute and manage companies supply chain strategies efficiently. It gives a clearer picture of the company’s financial requirements, enhances and automate industries core financial operations with the support of systems in-built accurate accounting and reporting processes. In an all, this system changes the traditional way of managing records, analyzing, reporting and provide you needful information in a few clicks.

Why RexoERP

We understand that some manufacturers have complex businesses standards and refuse to obey the categorization, and continue developing complex products with the standard repetitive ones. We fulfill these requirements with the flexible and robust ERP for Trading Industries which covers all the departments of an organization and their functions like - Production, Manufacturing, Process Control, Quality Control, Analytics, Advanced Planning & Optimization, Asset Management, Project Management, Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management and Customer Relationship.

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Rexo ERP Features

Salient features / Capabilities


Finance Management

Enhance and automate your core financial operations. Support your most complex financial requirements with accurate accounting and reporting processes. Rexo ERP offers a full suite of components that can handle processes involved in General Accounting, Receivable Management, Payable Management, Fixed Assets Accounting, Management Accounting, and Financial Services besides providing features for dealing with country-specific tax regulations.


Procurement Management

Rexo enables you to plan and execute your supply chain strategies faster and more profitably. It ensures to reduce the complexity of warehousing and logistics management. Considering it make faster and better decisions to achieve more orders and higher customer service levels. It includes On-time Requisition, Contract Management, and Vendor Management. This module also offers access to approved suppliers, purchase order management and purchase inquiry to be floated to multiple vendors at a click of a button.


Production Management

A production management module manages a real-time MRP (Material Resource Planning). It analyzes sales forecasts, planned procurement according to Bill of Material (BOM), current inventory, and planned production. MRP then recommends and lets you easily execute production schedules and material purchase orders.


Sales Management

Rexo manages projections, quotations, and commissions alongside opportunities and sales orders. Track sales opportunities; manage payment structure and commission-owed records that are generated automatically by customer shipments and other kinds of activity. Track customer satisfaction, sales forecasts, and your competition.


Inventory Management

Rexo enables you to perform Inventory Management in the most elaborate manner. Subsequently, it gives you easy classification and analysis of each inventory item. You can classify items, item units, and identify standard suppliers. Define planning type, allocation, cost prices for sales and purchases separately. You can also group the items for effective analysis. The application helps you in executing warehouse operations in a smooth manner. It ensures activities like stock status conversion and stock transfers. The creation of opening balances, stock inquiries at BU and determining stocking point can also be achieved.


Marketing Management

Rexo Marketing Module will help you strengthen your business with integrated marketing, sales, and service approach to customer relations. It helps you formulate insights that can increase leads, retention, and revenue. Successful enterprises ensure that every interaction increases their strength as a company. It provides a full suite of capabilities to automate the complete marketing process, from designing inbound and outbound campaigns. Store all customer order and release information such as customer, order number, item numbers, due dates, and quantities.


HR and Payroll Management

Rexo Human Resource Management is a fully-integrated end-to-end HR management solution. It gives easy access to data, convenient alerts, organize reports and provides organizational transparency.

Trading ERP Benefits

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Increases Productivity

It streamlines industrial business processes allowing employees to perform more tasks in lower time period.

Reduces Labor Costs

With the use of an automated system, it sharply reduces the labor cost. It decreases the employees/labor required to run and support your organization business activities.

Financial Achievement

It generates accurate financial reports to speed up the receivable collection. Altogether, it gives you a better picture in balance sheets of short and long terms.

Inventory Management

It watches out for stocks and industrial system inventory needs. As a result, it speeds inventory routines and allows you to spend less on slow moving products.

Improve Pricing

Enhance margins on products and their services. A real-time financial reporting system to audit. Get a clear picture on gross costs, expenditures in manufacturing and sales of every product life cycle.

Customer Revenue

CRM facilitate and recognizes customer needs, and helps you to reduce customer turnover rates or increase revenue per customer.

Support and Maintenance

All the analytical information required is available to you in the system. Subsequently, to maintain an outdated legacy system, you will require less amount of money to spend. So, the expenditure on repairing the products decreases.

Process Improvements

Eliminate the extra spending and costs in specific areas of industrial activities with the use of our automated system. For example, turn down paper invoices, bank deposit fees, mailing cost etc.

Sales Forecasting

Accurate Sales Forecasts for building sales plan and to avoid unforeseen cash flow problems. Predict short-term and long-term business performance.

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