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Why is REXO ERP your best choice?

Cost-effective Investment

Efficiently include all facets of your organization with minimum investment and ensured productive outcomes.

Business Management Solution

Manage various business operations like warehouse, sales, purchase, inventory, accounting, and more, all with the robust architecture of RexoERP.

24/7 360 Degree Visibility

Freely access critical business data anytime and gain complete, in-depth visibility over the entire operational work-flow along with detailed insights on specific vital business operations.

Spend Less. Deliver More. Just-in-time.

We understand the needs and challenges of manufacturing industries, and serves you with the right mix of technology and business experience . Our modules are specifically designed to reduce operational costs, fasten response time, enhance customer satisfaction and accelerate business processes.

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Inventory Management

Reduce dead stock and storage costs while ensuring a better organization with enhanced transparency. Simplify product management and raw material management with real-time insights and precise dashboards.

Supply Chain Management

Enforce quality inspections and demand forecasting while efficiently planning, executing, and tracking jobs. Gain complete visual access of job schedules and production plans and analyze production workstation leads.

Market Management (CRM)

Follow up generated leads and track them to sales closure. Monitor sales team strategies and thus simplify quote submission to the customer. Get detailed analytical reports and plan multi-level operations based on critical decisions derived from smart analysis.

Finance Management

Reduce the cost and complexity of the accounting process while monitoring the bottom line to increase efficiency and maintain financial stability. Easily report, analyze, and allocate cash in real-time. Also, handle the entire procurement process including payments, invoices, receipts, and orders.

Production & Manufacturing

Take advantage of a simple yet powerful planning system that helps production planners or buyers schedule and manage items for production or purchasing based on critical vital aspects.

Purchase Management

Make quick, effective decisions regarding all purchase needs by automating your processes. Access inventory, invoice, and payment management with a simplified evaluation of suppliers' quotations in minutes.

Sales Management

Manage the entire order-to-payment process with efficient tools. Get efficient integrated business procedures and strategic decision-making systems that provide real-time information and forecasting overall essential parameters.

HR & Payroll Management

Identify manpower requirements and plan recruiting, orientation, training, and development processes. Manage employee portfolios process and performance appraisals along with leave processing and attrition tracking.

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Our expertise spreads over diverse fields and quality is always our supreme priority.

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We are a leading smart ERP solution & service provider from central India, comprising team of enthusiast IT professionals keeping an experience from 20+ years to many, continuously working to help society with the optimal use of IT for life and work.

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