ERP For Paint Industry

Need of ERP Software in Paint Industry

RexoERP helps the company streamline the operations and bring the products to market, faster and more cost efficiently. It supports unique requirements in the areas of product development, production inventory, quality, costing, planning scheduling and warehousing.

It initiates multi-level approval workflows and performs multi-level approval workflows.

RexoERP for Paint Industry

It has all the time saving tools and real time actionable data which is needed to streamline the paint production by any industry.It accelerates product development by tracking the progress of samples,systematically record, maintain and retrieve every formula. It shoulders management of health and regulatory compliances. It provides a robust planning for the product and co-product management along with calculation of demand forecast and raw material procurement. It supports multiple Units of Measure with automatic conversion from one UOM to another.

Need for Manufacturing ERP Software for the Paint Industry

Paint ERP System Modules

Process that guarantees high productivity and profitability for your solution.

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Demand Planning


Purchasing Management


Manufacturing & Production


Supply Chain Management


Shipping & Receiving


Shop Floor Scheduling


HR and Workforce Management


Accounts and Financial


Inventory & Purchase


Customer Support


Marketing and Sales


Product Maintenance


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Rexo Paint Software Salient Features / Capabilities

We understand the needs and challenges of manufacturing industries, and serves you with the right mix of technology and business experience . Our modules are specifically designed to reduce operational costs, fasten response time, enhance customer satisfaction and accelerate business processes.


RexoERP is an ideal solution for data analysis, automation and full-scale infrastructure integration. Integration ensures the numerous capabilities offered by ERP systems work together harmoniously. It provides fully-integrated, intuitive platform through which you can analyze monitor or conduct the majority of data driven task.


It automates common tedious tasks including order entry, payroll, accounting, invoicing, reporting and more. It cuts down excessive hours spent on processing.

Data Analysis

It enables users to reflect on the effectiveness of certain task, in addition to providing forecast for future business decisions. It can help you predict demand, create budget and analyze HR functions.


It includes customizable dashboards. It also allows users to restrict access to reports, protecting valuable company information. It provides detailed report that are intuitive, actionable and relevant. It allows complete traceability, ensuring every error, inconsistency and questionable process can be traced, corrected and prevented.

Customer Relationship Management

It centralizes customer information, allowing for quick access when working with other parts of system. It enables users to access billing information and customer addresses when processing shipments.


It contains strong accounting tools. It helps manage process like accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed asset management, risk management and tax management. It has strong tools to manage every aspect of sales and revenue of business.

Tracking And Visibility

It provides comprehensive visibility. The level of visibility allows users to understand and foresee issues such as delays and stock outages. It allow users to track information.

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