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Need of ERP Software in Construction and Infrastructure Industry

Construction firms take on a range of projects in different industries and for different clients. Every project has its own set of benefits and drawbacks, ranging from simple to extremely intricate. Requirements and budgets for obtaining materials, tracking project files, controlling scope changes, creating forecasts, etc. also differ depending on the type of project. There are a number of functions that could bring risks, and these functions must be effectively controlled. Labor Productivity, Procurement, Project Documents, Forecasting, Labor Productivity Analysis, Gross Margin Variance, and Cash Position are some of the functions that must be handled carefully and effectively by a project manager for the successful completion of a project. Many times, project managers have to break their heads to make projects progress in a smooth flow, and it is imperative for them to have the proper tools to manage their work more efficiently and effectively.

In the construction industry, there is always an asynchronous flow of operations during the project timeline. It is difficult to overcome unpredictable scenarios during a project, and the same can take its toll on the whole project. It is very difficult to measure and keep up with data with respect to the cost of tasks, profitability, and income generation. There is a lot that needs to be done to ensure that the construction work is successful and profitable.

Construction management and infrastructure projects are always complex missions, and the software used to manage these projects should reflect this.With the introduction of ERP solutions for the construction industry, there is a big relief for this kind of scenario, as this system can help the construction companies have a well-planned working strategy with every single project.

Construction ERP software simplifies the project management process by providing a single platform for the management of cost, productivity and revenue. It makes the whole procedure easier and more efficient. Construction ERP software improves and coordinates operations within a project team because all information is accessible through a centralised system. Quick and real-time data to the management team empowers them to make better decisions on various inter-departmental projects while also streamlining all processes.

Rexo Construction ERP software is an efficient web-based application developed strictly to execute all functions for the construction enterprise resource planning system. Strategic resource management and planning are of immense importance in order to ensure successful development of construction projects. Construction ERP software is designed to help managers create effective plans for civil engineering projects right from the initiation of the project until its completion. Additionally, it assists them throughout the entire construction lifecycle. Regarding construction management and infrastructure projects, management of equipment and labour are two major areas that are extremely difficult to manage. When construction companies implement an efficient ERP system such as Rexo Construction ERP, it becomes easier for them to manage labour and equipment.

Rexo ERP for the Construction Industry is an intelligently integrated ERP system for the Construction and Infrastructure industries that enables builders and contractors to achieve a profitable outcome in a construction project. The system has been integrated with every module, from subcontractors to materials, outsourcing jobs, and plant management to mobile assets and labor. The construction industry has been integrated with a powerful accounting module so that project costs, timelines, and customer management can be handled smoothly and efficiently. ERP software solutions also include CRM modules that can handle all of your customer interactions effectively.

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Rexo ERP For Construction Industry

Construction ERP System Modules

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Business Development / Land

The business development module is a fundamental component of the core development procedure, which outlines the initial steps.

  • Generate property data and record land specifics
  • Location information that is integrated into Google Maps.
  • Details regarding the Land Agent and methods of payment for the Landowner.
  • Google Maps has been incorporated to recognize and indicate lands accurately.
  • Tenancy Management (in relation to Slum Redevelopment Authority - SRA)

Sales & Service

  • Integrated rule-based order entry, including EDI, online, and mobile
  • Customer-level credit, collections, pricing, discounting, payment, and other terms
  • Integrated commissions and royalties, including reporting
  • Returns management
  • Allocations and reservations


The Legal module is designed to facilitate the legal team in managing their legal templates, documents and ongoing court cases more efficiently.

  • Review and attach legal documents like sale deeds, contracts, etc.
  • Court case management: enter and update court case hearing dates, alerts, etc.
  • Organize Lawyer and Solicitor Data
  • Budgets and Payments for Legal, Sanctions, and Related Work Orders

Leasing and Mall Management

This module assists the liaison team in effectively handling sanctions and getting approvals from government agencies in an organized fashion.

  • Review and attach sanction details to properties, land, etc.
  • Enter the documentation templates and letters required for standard NOCs and clearances.
  • Enter payment information related to each clearance, and sanction
  • Create a budget and manage it with respect to clearances from government agencies.
  • Keeps a lease unit bank
  • Asset Management


The Engineering module assists with construction estimation and cost, as well as building management.

  • Define the building's or project's work breakdown structure (WBS).
  • Build a budget for execution and perform rate analysis.
  • Project budgeting and costing

Contract Management

This module is used to register contractors, assign projects, create work templates for them, and monitor their performance.

  • Contractor Registration and Grading
  • Creation of payment templates
  • Monitoring work completion (via the Internet)
  • Automatic generation of RA bills
  • Generation of work orders (with and without materials)

Material Management

Track material inventory and storage; examine project-specific material records and costing.

  • Generation of requisitions or indents based on the project plan defined
  • Issue slips generated from the site (via the internet); as needed
  • Store management: keeping track of all GRNs and issues
  • Stock reconciliation

HR and Labor Management

The Human Resource module captures all employee-related data, illuminating the need for a physical HR file for each employee.

  • Create a labour or employee profile and designation.
  • Manage all key data elements of an employee, including statutory requirements for PAN, permanent address, insurance, etc.
  • Fully integrated into the payroll module, with e-payslip capability that automatically links to the employee's online inbox with history.
  • All tax filing compliance, including eTDS, service tax, VAT, etc.
  • Tax Master for easy configuration of new taxes and rules as and when they come
  • Audit functionality allows auditors to be involved in the selection of vouchers for verification.

Financial Accounts

The finance module is the nucleus of all approval procedures, which eventually leads to payments for vendors and employees, in addition to managing all accounting responsibilities.

  • The voucher creation process follows Draft, Submit, Approve, and Process Voucher.
  • Automatic creation of Group, Ledger, and COA as defined in the configuration rules
  • Automatic TDS, Service Tax Calculation
  • Deduction and eTDS filing
  • Audit functionality allows auditors to be involved in the selection of vouchers for verification.


The Rental and Leasing module allows users to efficiently manage their held properties which may be placed on short-term rentals or long-term leases.

  • Make and distribute rental and lease stock.
  • definition and creation of tenants; definition and creation of owners
  • Creation of a term sheet with different transaction criteria (rental per sq. ft., fixed rentals, revenue share, tri-party agreements, etc.)
  • Bulk Invoice Generation, Email Alerts, and Out of Collection Notices
  • Receiving overdue generation and online notifications

Property Management

The property management module enables the user to manage their asset, including both revenue and expenditure, with all of the essential functions available.

  • Creation of Management Stock and Owners/Tenants Database
  • creation of budgets for expenditure under various heads—housekeeping, security, insurance, etc.
  • issue and management of work orders to subcontractors for various works
  • Purchase and store consumable materials
  • Invoicing and collection of CAMS (Common Area Maintenance)
  • creation of a schedule of maintenance and activities

Tender Management

This module covers all functions for managing tenders, including creating and uploading tender documents, placing bids, and versioning bids.

  • supports both inbound and outbound tenders.
  • Version tacking and bid application
  • Engineering and contract management are linked.


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Construction ERP Benefits

We understand the needs and challenges of manufacturing industries and serve you with the right mix of technology and business experience . Our modules are specifically designed to reduce operational costs, speed response times, enhance customer satisfaction, and accelerate business processes.

Assimilation of Data

Utilizing a remotely administered storage system that is available over the World Wide Web ensures effortless management of data, prompting amplified functionality of the entire setup.

Better planning and analysis

Rexo Construction ERP offers an accurate assessment of the raw materials needed, effective usage of personnel, architectural design and contract management, thus avoiding any unnecessary delays in the project.

Streamlining Data

Having a single node for all information across all departments reduces time delays and efforts in managing the data and resources and hence streamlines the work flow, allowing projects to achieve their milestone goals faster.

Increases system efficiency

ERP solutions can be used to extract useful data and establish important criteria that must be met before addressing an issue. This can enhance productivity & efficiency significantly.

Diversity of Business Processes

The ERP system boasts a wide range of features to support many different aspects of your business, such as architecture designing, contract management, project phasing, inventory management, marketing & HR management and accounting & financial management. Not only does this allow for smoother operation of systems, but also simplifies the process of achieving regulatory compliance.

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