ERP Software for Steel Industry

RexoERP for Steel Industry

RexoERP for the steel industry is a game changer for enterprises who wish to remain in the competitive race with their high performance and superior productivity.

Along with providing 360-degree visibility over all operational and management facets, RexoERP optimizes procurement processes and helps save time and money. Not only do enterprises get a complete end-to-end manufacturing management system, they are also empowered with smart data-based decision making tools to be future-ready.

You can also manage corporate risk control factors and forecast possibilities and outcomes based on real time insights and data both on-field and off-field.


Need for Manufacturing ERP Software for the Steel Industry

The steel industry has low industry concentration with a highly unorganized competitive and rapid-developing culture. With a low innovation ability towards proper management of manufacturing processes, poor overall business conditions is a very common phenomenon. Hence, it will not be wrong to state that the development in the steel industry regarding management has reached a bottleneck.

Steel plants are generally characterized by immense material handling and thus require error free, speedy and fully controlled operations. High operational and maintenance costs along with scarcity and the ever increasing costs of raw materials are just a few of the challenges the steel industry is battling with on a regular basis. Thus, the need of an optimum ERP Solution is clearly obvious.

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Steel Manufacturing ERP System Modules

Demand Planning

Purchasing Management

Manufacturing & Production

Supply Chain Management

Shipping & Receiving

Shop Floor Scheduling

HR and Workforce Management

Accounts and Financial

Inventory & Purchase

Customer Support

Marketing and Sales

Product Maintenance

Rexo Steel Software Salient Features/Capabilities

Smart Inventory Management

Proper batch planning, lot scheduling and inventory clearance strategies. Improve inventory forecasting

Timely and organized operations

Our system offers JIT information to inter departments to manage timely and increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

Equipment maintenance

Timely management of all machines, molds, systems, etc.

360 degree real time visibility

Get real time dashboards to view and analyze performance of every aspect and ensure efficient workflow.

Management of multi-level BOMs

Reflect critical inter dependencies with Rexo ERP with Pre-defined tool and die-based plastics manufacturing modules. Manage your finance, cut down excessive expenditure and quicker ROI with ERP software for plastic industry.

Automated Order Processing

Program All parts and materials costs into the ERP system so gross margins can be immediately calculated once a quote is created.

Superior CRM

Comprehensive and Centralized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is fully-integrated with our solution to connect sales, support, field services and installed base tracking facilities.

Manage multiple warehouses

With RexoERP, you can easily access data for multiple warehouses from a centralized system via system or mobile and get a clear picture to management of overall warehouse inventory and operational process.

Order Processing

Streamline order processing while improving accuracy with a rules-based Product management in the ERP system that ensures rapid, accurate configuration.

Reduced production costs

Streamline order processing while improving accuracy with a rules-based Product management in the ERP system that ensures rapid, accurate configuration.

Stupendous customer satisfaction

RexoERP helps achieve higher level of customer satisfaction rates by providing a platform for faster processing of data, storing history of every client and addressing all their concerns immediately.

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