Finance Management System

The perfectly tailored Financial and Accounting Software for manufacturers and distributors.

Financial Management

The Manufacturing industry has seen many changes since its inception. While economies of scale provide many opportunities for manufacturers, the need for information technology has grown greatly. Software applications to manage manufacturers’ operations, financial demands, and customer relationships are critical. Rexo ERP provides the tools to effectively manage day-to-day operations, control printing, and produce reports needed to effectively go about business operations.

Rexo ERP is an innovative, Web-based ERP that helps you control your company’s finances. Rexo ERP is easy to use, cost-effective, and highly accurate. The financial aspects of the product are fully customizable to your unique company.

Rexo ERP has been proven to be a one-stop solution for all financial and accounting needs of manufacturers. Effortlessly manage distribution rules, budgets, profit center, banking, exchange date references, profit reports, posting templates, and more. Its robust framework frees you of complexities like manual data entry, poor data access, and disconnected data, ensuring smooth work-flow.


Why RexoERP for your financial needs?

  • Integrated and Consolidated Financials
  • Real-time accounting metrics
  • Task automation
  • Role-based dashboards
  • Forecast cash flow management
  • Drag and relate data
  • Accelerated financial closing
  • Accurate and Compliant financial reporting

Solve complex financial accounting issues with RexoERP. Combat challenges like

  • Revenue, liability and expense recognition
  • Fraud and earnings management
  • Ambiguity in ROI calculation
  • Cost estimation and profitability calculation
  • Accuracy in Compliance Procedures
  • Poor access to real-time, consolidated financial data
  • Integration between financial functions and manufacturing operations
  • Manual data entry
financial management

Why Rexo ERP if your one-stop solution

Process that guarantees high productivity and profitability for your solution.

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Better financial accounting management

Ensure streamlined financial and back-office operations with a complete set of tools that help close drive more profitable decisions through timely and accurate insights thus, helping you close with confidence.

Enhanced financial management

Connected financial operations help you speed up transactions and improve overall cash flow.

Simplified Banking

Various flexible options and facilities help accelerate expedite processes and tedious banking operations.

Efficient Controlling

Monitor and manage cash flow while accurately handling job costs and controlling budgets.

Fixed Asset Management

The virtual function helps you track fixed assets without the requirement of repetitive manual data entry.

Reporting and Analysis

Real-time insights and data that help you prepare standard or customized reports.

Easy accounting

From journal entries to receivables, payables and much more, you can automate accounting processes to ease work-flow.

All-time data access

You can access real-time data and consolidated financial data and integrate financial functions data with manufacturing functions data to remove disconnected data and other data-related issues.

Informed decisions

Recognize revenues, expenses, and liabilities and effectively calculate ROI along with cost estimation and earnings management.

Delivering game-changing financial and accounting management functionalities

Fortune 100 companies and established brands trust our enterprise software development.

Distribution Rules

You can easily allocate cost accounts or revenue to the corresponding distribution rule.


Monitor and track all banking processes and activities such as cash receipts, advance, deposits, account reconciliation, payments, and much more.


Easily manage the budget in any currency against GL account, summarize reports, get over budget alerts, compare actual vs planned figures, and more.

Exchange rate differences

Choose appropriate correction transactions by periodically evaluating in foreign currency and identifying differences.

Tax engine

Highly configurable with the user-friendly interface, get patented system address complex tax requirements.

Chart of accounts

Use locally compliant templates to create and manage charts of accounts of any country.

Posting templates and recurring postings

Define general ledger account templates and postings for regular execution. Specify frequency with reminders to post transactions.

Journal entries and journal vouchers

The system will automatically post and create entries and allocate transactions to the project or profit centre while verifying and correcting posting before they are entered into the general ledger.

Profit Center and Report

The chart of accounts can simplify the allocation of cost and revenue to pre-designated profit centre while you can run a profit and loss statement with the help of real-time insights for any profit centre and compare with previous periods.

Reversing journals

Automatically reverse month-end accruals and specify different reversing date for each posting if needed.

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