HR and Payroll Software

A Complete Payroll Management System to generate reports for analyzing employee performance, salary trends and other important metrics related to HR operations

HR and Payroll Management

Payroll software in India has become an essential tool for HR departments. It helps them to manage their payroll process in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. With the help of payroll software, companies can easily keep track of employee salaries, deductions, bonuses and other details related to their payroll process.

RexoERP offers best Payroll software in India a very useful and efficient system for simplifying the process of filing taxes and managing employee benefits such as insurance and other entitlements. The software can also be used to generate reports for analyzing employee performance, salary trends and other important metrics related to HR operations. By using this software, companies can ensure that all their employees are paid accurately and on time.

The HR and Payroll Management portfolio provides key insights of how to approach personnel management, cost of labor, payroll process, performance appraisals, leave processing, and more. With the help of the documents provided, you can determine how to accurately determine manpower requirements and plan recruiting, orientation, training, and development processes. The HR and Payroll Management portfolio also includes tools for managing employee portfolios, performance appraisals, leave processing, and more.

With HR outsourcing in an internet age, HR professionals are in much demand. This course provides the skills necessary to identify human resource management needs in much greater detail. This includes developing an online workforce management process to better serve demographic changes in the workplace, facilitating the role of the work force to create today's workforce, and discovering new ways to tap into talent.

Have HR and payroll operational tasks at your fingertips with this comprehensive training program. Our program includes a comprehensive curriculum of more than 20 modules, covering topics from labor labor law, labor relations, integrating payroll and HR, recruitment, managing disability leave, and much more. Identify manpower requirements and plan recruiting, orientation, training, and development processes. Manage employee portfolios process and performance appraisals along with leave processing and attrition tracking.


Why RexoERP for your hr and payroll needs?

  • Maintain a travel log with related employee expenses and activities.
  • Effective compliance management
  • Government Tax Calculation
  • Attendance and regularity management of employees

Solve complex hr and payroll issues with RexoERP. Combat challenges like

  • Taxation of benefits in kind
  • Record management of personnel files
  • Timesheet management
  • Compliance and Productivity issues
  • Administrative overwhelming
  • Tracking employee attendance and performance
hr and payroll management

Why Rexo ERP if your one-stop solution

Process that guarantees high productivity and profitability for your solution.

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Manpower planning and recruitment

Rexo ERP allows all levels of operations to register requests for manpower while automating the tedious tasks of recruitment to ensure a smooth talent acquisition process.

Pre and Post-training Schedule

Identify employee requisites and accordingly provide training programs. Track pre and post-training performances.


Rexo ERP integrates all employee-related departments and accordingly automates payroll generation.

360-degree management

Handle employee-oriented governmental procedures and business trip & tracking along with loan management and medical parameters. Easily manage performance appraisals along with leave and time management.

Delivering game-changing HR & Payroll Management functionalities

Fortune 100 companies and established brands trust our enterprise software development.

HR Database

Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) can store all kinds of data related to your employees, from simple contact information like name, address, telephone number, and job role to comprehensive records such as evaluations and training progress. All of this information is key for effective staff management.

Payroll management

A payroll program can calculate and disburse salaries for all employees, deduct the applicable taxes and deductions, then either print paychecks or transfer money directly to worker's bank accounts. It is an efficient way of managing employee wages in an organized fashion.


• Leave Register, • Attendance Register, • Pay slips,
• Payroll Register, • Employee, Department, Location wise salary details, • Component wise Salary Register, • PF Report, • TDS Deductions and Return, • Incentive Details, • Form 16A/16

HR Analytics

HR analytics are usually embedded in other systems and offer versatile reporting capabilities. HRMS (and other business systems) can be used to gain strategic and predictive insights for making smarter business decisions. Through assessing and analyzing the data gathered, businesses can get valuable intel that will inform their overall strategy.


A recruitment module would help streamline your recruitment process by taking care of all the filling and authorization processes. Additionally, it will enable HR managers to post advertisements as well as other relevant documents online. It also facilitates applicant tracking and preliminary sifting, making the hiring process a breeze.

Recruitment module simplifies the process of recruiting by taking charge of the enrolment, screening and interviewing candidates. It covers different interview processes such as written tests and HR interviews, eventually leading to shortlisting and selecting the right candidates.


After bringing new staff on board, it is essential to ensure they are inducted into the company. Proper onboarding and induction procedures need to be undertaken to ensure your employees settle in quickly and effectively. Automation can certainly help lighten the workload for both managers and the HR team. It simplifies the onboarding process for new hires, enabling them to quickly get acquainted with their colleagues. Organizations can take advantage of automated notifications across multiple departments, such as building access, user accounts or security passes - which can save a lot of time and effort.

Performance Management

This module should bring together the automation of appraisal processes, structuring and monitoring of objectives and targets, as well as integrating your competence framework and job standards into the system. It should also be able to manage other integrated systems if necessary.

Time and Attendance

Payroll is not the only automated HR function. A time clock has also been around for a while and allows for efficient tracking of attendance and hours worked.To prevent ‘buddy punching’, modern time and attendance systems typically utilize biometric identification. It is also linked directly to workforce management and can provide essential data for payroll and accounting software.

Staff Training

This module provides comprehensive training solutions for staff, from designing individual training plans to controlling budget allocations. It can also handle bookings for various courses and ensure seamless follow-up evaluation and feedback process.

Talent Management

This module is designed to identify potential candidates for your organization, so that you don't suffer any performance issues due to critical skills and experience shortages. It can set up talent pipelines that will ensure you stay ahead of the game. Streamlining the process of recruitment, learning, development and performance management through quick, easy links should be a priority.

Leave Management

The leave management module is linked with time and attendance & workforce management functions is a useful way to efficiently manage absences from the workplace. It allows you to allocate, book, approve, track and monitor leave requests with ease. This automated system can save you a lot of time and energy while keeping everything organized.

Regardless of the reason, such as vacations, compassionate leave, illness, parental leave or jury duty - request and approval processes should be easy and outcomes should be integrated into team calendars where relevant. This ensures that your teams are always up to date.

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