Purchase Management System

Purchase Management Made Easy With Rexo ERP

Manage All Purchase and Procurement Activities with Ease

RexoERP software suit offers best purchase management software for manufacturing and trading companies, big industries to manage all your purchase and procurement activities with ease. We offer comprehensive & fully integrated purchase management enterprise implementation that includes state-of-the-art features for your business. Procurement is a key factor with a huge impact on your success in achieving business objectives, which is why your purchasing is largely a nightmare. Rexo ERP solves your management problems related to purchase activities. We bring you into a new era of purchase management system with our extraordinary ERP combined with latest advancements in internet technology.

Rexo ERP is an ERP that transforms the way purchase activity takes place through the power of technology. It helps better manage and perform efficient and effective purchase order and purchase related activities. Rexo ERP is a service and solution and not a product and can be offered and embedded to be used within an organization by the organizations ERP. You can now manage all your purchase activities easily with Rexo ERP. Be it pending orders, Request for quotations, Bill passing, Vendor quotation or any other purchase related management activity, Rexo ERP provides expert solution to streamline the entire wok process.


Why RexoERP for your purchase needs?

  • Complete automation processes
  • Manage reports and track order
  • Easy billing and invoice
  • Timely updated insights for better analysis

Solve Complex Purchase Management issues with Rexo ERP. Combat issues like

  • Risk mitigation
  • Dark purchasing
  • Long process cycle
  • Failure to send evaluation process on time
  • Contract negotiation setbacks
  • Inaccurate and irregular data
  • Strategic procurement
  • Record management
Purchase Management

Why Rexo ERP if your one-stop solution

Process that guarantees high productivity and profitability for your solution.

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Automate processes

With Rexo ERP, you can automate and streamline processes to increase efficiency and reduce manual efforts

Better management

Manage all minute details of your purchases including billing process, invoice and payments.

Inventory management

Easily track and update inventory with detailed insights

Better operations

Evaluate suppliers' quotations and identify potential suppliers along with the power of better decision making.

Delivering game-changing financial and accounting management functionalities

Fortune 100 companies and established brands trust our enterprise software development.

Vendor Management

Keep a track of all vendors and maintain organized reports.

Order tracking

Track orders, pending orders and all order related activities.

Bill Passing

Simplified bill passing with Rexo ERP.

Purchase planning

Track inventory and identify potential suppliers and accordingly plan purchases.

Reports and dashboard

Get organized and vital info and stats from updated reports and dashboards.

Quality Control

Get verified quality of products which is sent from vendors.

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