ERP For Plastic Industry

Need of ERP Software in Plastics Industry

Techlene provides Rexo Plastics ERP System which is a comprehensive manufacturing, distribution and manufacturing solution solely designed for plastic manufacturers. Rexo Plastic Manufacturing Software contains all the necessary modules and tools to serve the unique challenges plastics manufacturers face daily. Whether manufacturing process includes casting, extruding, forming, injecting, blow molding, thermoforming or compounding, and no matter what you produce, our ERP for Plastic Industry can help with the unique challenges of your complex manufacturing environment.

Additionally, Rexo Plastics Manufacturing Software includes a wide variety of integrated modules to help you run your manufacturing business. This include modules for CRM, Inventory / Warehouse Management, Purchasing, Quality Assurance, Logistics, Project Management, Service, Business Intelligence and a dedicated Mobile application for maximum portability and efficiency within your manufacturing environment.

This web-based ERP system is completely flexible and customizable as per the changing plastics industry trends and user requirements. From injection molding and extrusion to compounding and thermoforming, this industry-specific ERP system addresses your demanding standards for on-time delivery, order accuracy, quality and pricing.

Before introducing Rexo Plastics ERP Software, let's first see the need of resource planning system in the manufacturing and processing plastic industries. Plastics are popular material used for everyday items everywhere, from household products to industries such as Automobile, Construction, Toys, packaging, etc. Plastics manufacturing industry faces unique problems while producing a wider variety of products sourced in smaller quantities from a larger base of raw goods suppliers. Some of the major problems faced by plastics industry manufacturers are unpredictability of material availability, volatile raw material costs, complex versioning and variations of products. It requires proper demand planning and forecasting, machine planning, lot and batch tracking in production and managing proper production schedules to meet customer needs.

To manage all operations smoothly and efficiently, plastic industry requires a proper centralized system to keep and track all data, resources and inventory for swift and seamless processes. An ERP system is the most accepted solution to manage all data and process of plastic industry significantly while resolving all problems and accelerating the production with increasing demand. Rexo Plastics Manufacturing Software is a suitable choice among number of ERP solutions available in the market.

Need for ERP System in Plastics Industry

Plastics ERP System Modules

Process that guarantees high productivity and profitability for your solution.

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Demand Planning


Production Management


Inventory Forecasting


Plant & Machine Maintenance


Bill of Material Management


Purchase Management


Quality Control & Assurance


Accounts and Financial


Customer Relationship (CRM)


Human Resource Management


Marketing and Sales


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Rexo Plastics Software Salient Features / Capabilities

We understand the needs and challenges of manufacturing industries, and serves you with the right mix of technology and business experience . Our modules are specifically designed to reduce operational costs, fasten response time, enhance customer satisfaction and accelerate business processes.

Smartly manage your Inventory

Manage your inventory and warehouse with proper batch planning, lot scheduling and inventory clearance strategies. Improve inventory forecasting and eliminate waste of time.

Timely Operations

Our system offers JIT information to inter departments to manage timely and increase productivity and customer satisfaction.

Real Time Information

Real-time dashboards to monitor every aspect of the production process.

On Time Maintenance

Manage maintenance for all your machines, molds, and equipment timely.

Improve Financial System

Manage your finance, cut down excessive expenditure and quicker ROI with ERP software for plastic industry.

Manage Multi-Level Bills of Material (BOM)

Reflect critical inter dependencies with Rexo ERP with Pre-defined tool and die-based plastics manufacturing modules.

Automated Order Processing

All parts and materials costs can be programmed into the ERP system so gross margins can be immediately calculated once a quote is created.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Achieve higher level of customer satisfaction rates by providing a platform for faster processing of data, storing history of every client and addressing all their concerns immediately.

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