Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management simplified with Rexo ERP

Supply Chain Management

SCM performance has direct effect on organizations overall performance. By this companies are able to cut cost and deliver products to consumer faster. Rexo ERP decreases manual effort that increases the efficiency .Be it stock planning or inventory management, manage the entire sales process with ease.

Why RexoERP for your supply needs?

  • Connects leading organizations with qualified suppliers and leaders to effectively manage supply chain
  • Simplifies the complexity of time
  • Right time smart info delivery system
  • It offers Multi-level management
  • Strategize process based on smart analytics report
  • Effective End-to-End management

Solve complex Supply Chan Management challenges with Rexo ERP. Combat challenges like:

  • Managing procurement and supply.
  • Handling manufacturing and warehouse resources.
  • Accommodating last minute alterations.
  • Resource conflict in task list
  • Increased costs
  • Complexity due to multiple channels
  • Pressure created by risks
  • High demand of speed, quality and service

Why Rexo ERP is your one-stop-solution

  • It reduces bottlenecks between internal processes and external suppliers
  • It helps in combating inefficiency
  • Rexo ERP takes care of physical aspects like managing demand and supply to meet customers demand
  • It supports multiple modes and provide operational support in real time
  • It also reduces IT issues and problems that impedes efficiency
  • It helps in strategic decision making
  • Provides Real-time information
  • Saves costs
  • Effective customer management
  • Easy to implement and use
  • Provides Integrated Business Solutions

Delivering game changing supply chain management functionalities:

  • It helps in chalking out definite programmes after careful analysis to execute plans to achieve objectives
  • It helps in Sales order management
  • Views all order related details and track processes
  • Approve orders easily without the hassle of scattered analysis
  • Helps in invoice management in viewing , preparing, and tracking entire payment process
  • Preparation of reports and dashboard like the vital stats and analytical reports to make smarter decisions.
  • Rexo ERP allows extracting the best out of everything and thus widening the profit margins.

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