How an ERP could help Paint Manufacturers
ensure quality and long life of their products

The quality of paint is defined by the precise proportion of resin, additives, solvent, and pigment. An efficient ERP solution not only helps in ensuring exact measurements of ingredients but also gives exact numbers on proper viscosity of solvents and what ideally should be used.

Watch our webinar where we shared how you can track and maintain the quality of your paints, coating, and adhesives. Designed to help manufacturers reduce operational and admin costs, our webinar included the following:

Key takeaways

  • Integrate all processes in a single system - from formulation and QC testing to lot tracking and accounting, while reducing your expenses
  • Determine whether by-products/waste can be used again
  • Keep a quality check of products (raw/finished or intermediate)
  • Ease the process of canning i.e storage
  • Overcome challenges like timely stirring reminders, preventing the dilution with unsuitable materials, losses of discarding.
  • How RexoERP could help cut down your operational costs by approx. 30% while ensuring adaptability, accountability, reliability, scalability, and traceability that paint manufacturing businesses need
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